Designed having the contracting authorities transversal needs in mind, anoGov is the only platform in the market able to adapt itself to the specific needs of each customer!

A Contracting Authority: a platform that fits you!

  • Unique: each entity owns a page that can be customized at its needs.

  • Total mobility: qualified digital certificates for access to the platform from anyplace and anywhere

  • Flexible and simple: procedures created in a single screen, with guided navigation and several auxiliary tools

  • PLCSP, BOE y DOUE integration

  • Automatic mechanisms devices and comparative maps of tenders evaluation

  • Electronic auctions module and negotiation

  • Procedure workflow

  • Management module/contracts signature

  • Costumized reports

  • Notifications via e-mail

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Satisfied customers

The City Council of Santa Maria da Feira and its services have been giving many suggestions to improve the use and resources that anoGov platform has been creating over these years. anoGov has always been in close collaboration with us ensuring the adjustment and development of the platform to the new demands of its users.

Another aspect to highlight is the platform support service, whose efficiency and quick response time to solve our every day technical problems has pleased us very much.


Sérgio Araújo | Santa Maria da Feira City Council


Alicita also guarantees you a set of integrated tools which will answer your company’sneeds!


Apart from the AnoGov platform, Alicita ensures a set of integrated tools to answerto your needs in Public eProcurement.

Formação presencial

Alicita provides Consulting. Training and Specialized consulting. Stay updated with AnoGov academies.

Technical Support Service free of charge

anoGov provides a specialized and differentiated technical support to all Contracting Authorities at no additional cost. We answeryour questions all weekdays, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.