Terms and Conditions | Public eTendering Alert

  1. The adhesion to the Public e Tendering Alert service allows to receive daily by e-mail a summary of all public tenders (national and international) taking place in national territory, by business area, published in all public eprocurement platforms;
  2. The Public e Tendering Alert service licence is valid for 1 year (12 months);
  3. The e-mail address for receiving the alerts is set by the client. Any alteration of the email address is entirely the responsibility of the client;
  4. The parameterization of the service is carried out in the customer’s personal area on the anoGov platform by associating the CPV codes corresponding to the business areas that interest you. The selection and modification of CPV codes is the responsibility of the customer;
  5. The Public e Tendering Alert service activation is carried out upon the proof of payment sending and the registration form;
  6. The Public e Tendering Alert service is activated within a period of 24h (week days) after receiving the payment proof;
  7. This service is renewed automatically. The non-renewal intention must be communicated to anoGov with a previous warning of 30 days.